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Meraki [may-rah-kee]: in Greek means doing something with  soul, creativity and love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Since the first planning in 2016, every wedding crafted by Meraki is a unique experience that was delivered beautifully. We offer tailor-made full-service wedding planning that bring the most intimate moments out of every event, reflecting the personality and the essence of each client, whether elopements or large-scale wedding.

Base in Ho Chi Minh City, we work mainly with client from US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam Germany and world-wide guests to plan and arrange travelling itinerary when it comes to a wedding. We also travel to other Phu Quoc, Da Nang and other locations regularly to expand local knowledge well as to update our connection with a wide range of vendors. Our vision is to establish Meraki Wedding Planner team as the leading service for intimate weddings in Vietnam.


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